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Who I’ve Worked With

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FOX Sports Australia

Concept artist

FOX Sports Australia approached ILP with the mission to create an opener for the Australian National Rugby League, NRL. I created all the concepts for it.

Super Bowl Pre-game show on FOX

Matte Painter

The spot includes 9 of our full CG shots. This includes all the environments, crowds, jets, contrails, snow, confetti and more.

MTG Olympics Teaser

Concept artist

MTG wanted something dramatic, innovative and inspiring.
Our concept is based on two things. Firstly, showing the presenters and experts in a new, dramatic and visually innovative way. - The Crop

Matte painter

ILP did the end shot where you see mystical signs in a crop field. This was a classical matte painting and compositing work. Straight forward and very fun! - The Wall

Matte painter

The action takes place in Germany during the fall of the Berlin wall. A small piece of the wall was constructed and shot on set in South Africa, our work consisted of cleaning up the plates and doing digital set extension.

Ellie Storm - film pitch

Story board/Key frame art

A short clip for a proposed feature film, based on a novel.

Plural Theater Promo

Video production

A promotional clip for Plural Theater

A Good Sunday

Video production

A short clip filmed in the neighborhood 

My Progress

BW Concept made for Film Pitch

A short clip of how I create the first block out for my concepts. 

my promise

Design with a Lasting Impact

Have a business idea you’re trying to bring to life? I will carefully research each business and industry in order to deliver the best possible results. I provide a wide range of 3D and graphic design services to help turn your vision into a reality. I’ll come up with engaging visuals and content in order to make your game, film or business pop and stand out.

Game and film 3d and concepts


Furniture renders and photos


Theme park designs


Pirate Eye Chicken Books

Book_cover_01 Square.jpg

Get in touch today and learn what I can do for you.

About me

Your Creative Source for 3D & Graphic Design

If you’re looking for a professional Creative Designer to help your company grow, you’ve come to the right place. Whatever the vision you have in mind, I'm committed to bringing it to life with superior quality and functionality.

From the initial strategy to the final outcome, I will provide guidance and support throughout the entire design process. I’ll work closely with you to understand what you want, what your style is and which elements are most important to you. Schedule a consultation with me today.

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"While other companies told us that we needed to spend more money in order to turn our idea from concept to reality, the pros at Fredrik got the task done quickly and for a fraction of the cost."

Sacha Hart

"Fast. Efficient. Courteous. Fredrik delivered on every front with their impeccable service and professional results. I know that I’ll be turning to Fredrik Rosado when the next opportunity arises."

Siobhan Wilson

"I couldn’t be happier about my choice to work with Fredrik. They provided professional service, great pricing, and a guaranteed customer satisfaction. Thank you, Fredrik Rosado for a job well done!"

Avery Patterson


Creative and effective design is only a email away. Interested in working with me? Get in touch today.

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